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Our app is now open to everyone, whether your car is insured with us or not! Need app-fee-free parking? 🚘 Want to score the best fuel deals in town? ⛽️ Verna is your one-stop destination for all things you might need for your car 💥

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You could save up to 40%

Verna’s customers can lower their car insurance premiums by up to 40% compared to market prices.

You control the price with the Verna app which creates your personalised driving score and provides you with advice on how you can lower your price every month.

Viss becomes Verna

Verna and Viss unite under the Verna brand 🙌 We are always looking for ways to do things better and reduce prices for our customers. Therefore, we have decided to merge our two services under one brand! See more

Try Verna for 30 days, no strings attached!

Try the Verna app for 30 days before you purchase insurance to see how much you'll actually save with Verna 😎 All you need to do is download the app and choose to "Try the app for 30 days." Most people are better drivers than they think, the average driving score today is around 76.

Don’t let them sell you cr#p!

Let’s rethink insurance from the ground up.

Save up to 40%

Everyone saves with Verna. Up to 40% lower price and no confusing small print.

Drive the price down

With Verna you control the price. Your driving score enables you to drive your price down.

Refer a friend!

Refer a friend to Verna and lower your price even more. You could end up with free insurance!

Got commitment issues? Don't worry!

Try the Verna app for 30 days before making a decision. We offer monthly prices, no notice period so you can leave at any time.

Drive down your price

The Verna app measures your driving. Each trip is given a score based on five factors. You confirm the trips, and you can delete trips that don’t belong in the calculation, for instance if you were not driving the car.

The five pillars of driving


The app measures how smoothly you drive. Steady and smooth driving is less risky.


Measures whether you are driving faster or slower than others around you.


Your phone should not be used while driving. Better focus gives a better score.


It can be risky to drive for hours without rest stops.

Time of day

Nighttime driving is 10 x more risky than daytime driving.

Our community

Let’s create a community of safe Verna drivers. With the driving score we incentivise our customers to become better drivers. We award drivers that drive more safely, remind you to take care of your car and to maintain your focus while driving. This all leads to less pollution and fewer incidents. Fewer incidents is a win-win for everyone as the loss reduction lowers the price to everyone.

Discounts for you and your friends for life!

If a friend you referred to Verna purchases a policy from us you will both lower your premium by 1.800 kr. per year and you keep the discount as long as you are both customers of Verna! You can refer as many friends as you like and you could end up with a free insurance for life 🙌

Verna friends

As our service develops we will start providing you with a variety of offers through the app. Join us!

Let’s do good!

As soon as we become profitable we will donate 10% of the profit to good causes. Until then we will support green causes.

It only takes 2 minutes to get an offer!

Any questions?

  • You get the Verna app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, register and sign electronically a resignation letter to be sent to your old insurer through the Verna app. We will take care of the rest. The cancellation period for your current insurance is one month and starts counting from the beginning of the next month after the notice of cancellation is sent.

  • Anyone that is 18 years old or older, that is registered owner or co-owner of a private car, can insure their car with Verna.  

  • You can get a car insurance offer in 30 seconds simply by pressing the “Get offer” button here above.  Once you have downloaded the Verna app, you need to register some basic information about yourself and your car. The onboarding driving score is set at 74. As soon as you start driving you can improve the score and as a result, your premium will become lower! The driving score can reduce your premium by up to 40%. The 74 driving score, already provides you with an 18% discount but the average driving score is of our customers is 77. This means that you should see results quickly by driving safely! You can try the app for 30 days without any commitment to see how good of a driver you really are!

  • Verna offers three different insurance packages which you can choose from. Our best coverage: Covers injuries to people; damages caused by your car, your car windshields, damages to your car and car rentals. Just the basics: Covers injuries to people and damages caused by your car to other people's property as well as damages to your windshield.  Our cheapest: Covers injuries to people and damages caused by your car to other people's property.